Congratulations to our Region of Durham Paramedic Services Tactical Response Unit on their third anniversary coming up on the 17th of October. The team has put in a great deal of effort and training over the past years and provides invaluable assistance to Durham Regional Police Service Tactical Support Unit.
The primary mission of the Paramedic Tactical Unit (PTU) is to provide emergency medical care in the field to police officers or citizens who become injured or ill during tactical operations. These operations include a wide range of dangerous events: a hostage situation, high-risk search warrants, active shooter incidents, people in distress, and so much more.

The PTU serves as a liaison between our first responders and paramedic regular operations to better coordinate complicated multi-agency emergency events and mass casualty incidents.
The PTU Unit continuously engages in police operations to maintain a state of readiness for all possible incidents.
Congratulations and thanks for keeping us all safe in Durham Region