Just before 6 pm, this evening, Region of Durham Paramedic Services responded to Hwy 7 just east of Simcoe St in Manilla after a tow operator was struck at the side of the road.

The tow operator was hooking to a previous collision at this location when the tow truck was struck. Thankfully everyone is ok no significant injuries

We want to remind everyone when you think of first responders, police, ambulance, and fire trucks usually come to mind, but tow truck drivers are also among those who respond to the scene of an accident. Their workplace is typically the side of the highway, where they change a flat tire or hook to a vehicle to clear the road for us.
Ontario’s “move over” law requires drivers to slow down and proceed with caution when passing an emergency vehicle that is parked on the side of the highway with flashing lights. Emergency vehicles include police cars, fire trucks, ambulances, public utility vehicles, and tow trucks.
What you need to do:
• Reduce your speed to less than that of the posted speed limit.
• Stay alert in case emergency workers or tow truck drivers are positioned beside a parked vehicle.
• If the road has additional lanes, the law requires you to move over and provide a free lane between your vehicle and the emergency vehicle. Signal, check your mirrors, and shoulder check for blind spots before switching lanes.
If you don’t comply, you could be fined anywhere from $490 to $2,000. You could also receive demerit points, which in turn could lead to an increase in your insurance premium.