Durham Regional Police Service completed its third week of the Festive R.I.D.E program, and this week we proudly stood out there with them, stopping more than 3,500 vehicles and charging 22 drivers with drinking and driving offenses.

Officers conducted R.I.D.E. across the Region with the following totals (the numbers in brackets reflect 2018 second week totals for comparison):

3,576 (5,277) Vehicles stopped by R.I.D.E.

156 (109) People given Roadside Breath Tests

15 (22) People received “3/7/30 Day Suspensions” for registering a “WARN”

203 (N/A) Mandatory Roadside Breath Tests

0 (N/A) People received “3/7/30 Day Suspensions” as a result of Mandatory Tests

0 (N/A) People given “Approved Drug Screening Device” Tests          

0 (0) Novice Driver received a “Three-Day Licence Suspension.”

22 (22) People charged with Drinking and Driving Offences

29 (23) Criminal Code Offences Other

87 (94) Charged with various Highway Traffic Act Offences

0 (1) Drug Offences

1 (7) Cannabis Act offenses

After the third week, the Festive R.I.D.E. team has charged a total of 46 motorists for drinking and driving offenses. Last year at the same time, 43 had been charged. Another 46 motorists have registered a WARN on a roadside screening device and had their driver’s license suspended for three days. Last year at the same time, 48 drivers had their license suspended for registering a WARN.

The R.I.D.E. team is conducting MANDATORY roadside breath tests again this week on the R.I.D.E. line. Every driver entering the R.I.D.E. line will be given a breath test for a prescribed period of time. The results posted above.

On Friday, a R.I.D.E. Team member conducted a traffic stop as a driver was observed speeding 123 km/h in a 60 km/h zone, nearly hitting a police cruiser head-on. The driver was charged with stunt driving, careless driving, driving without insurance, and three other offenses under the Highway Traffic Act. The driver’s motor vehicle was impounded for seven days.

A complete list of those charged with Impaired/Exceed will be posted on their website later this week at www.drps.ca under Hot Topics.

Note: Under the Ontario Highway Traffic Act, anyone charged with a drinking and driving criminal offense will have his or her driver’s license suspended for 90 days, and their vehicle impounded automatically for seven days.

Durham Regional Police Service would like to remind everyone, “Keep Everyone Safe: Don’t Drink and Drive.”