Durham Regional Police are asking residents of Whitby to take precautions after an increased number of residential break and enters were reported in the area.
Suspects are gaining entry to homes through the back sliding doors or single entry door. They are doing so by either prying the door or smashing the glass. The break-ins are typically taking place during the day when residents are out or at work. Items stolen include electronics, jewelry, and other personal effects.
Homeowners are advised to place something substantial in the sliding rear doors, like a piece of wood, to ensure that if the lock has defeated, the door will not slide open. It’s important to reinforce or replace locks and doors if they are weak or damaged.
Investigators also encourage residents to be vigilant in securing their homes by making sure that all valuables are hidden somewhere in the residence other than obvious places, like a jewelry box. When leaving the house, make sure all windows and doors are secure. Always report suspicious activity to police or Crime Stoppers.
Anyone with information about the break and enters in the Whitby area is asked to contact the Central West Division Criminal Investigations Bureau at 1-888-579-1520 ext. 1825.