( photo from Drps )

Durham Regional Police Service Chief Paul Martin welcomes an open, transparent and unbiased inquiry into historic allegations of improper conduct of senior officials.


“I welcome an open, transparent and unbiased inquiry,” said Chief Martin, “I was just informed of the OCPC investigation on Friday evening and have yet to see the details of these allegations behind the OCPC actions. Understandably, we were reluctant to make any public statements on this matter until we have seen the official complaints. I have asked the OCPC, as has the Durham Police Services Board, some months ago, for the complaint documents.”


The Chief says his deepest regret is the damage being done to the reputations of the men and women of the DRPS and specifically to several employees mentioned. Somehow, the complaint documents have been made available to the media and not to the Service or to those individuals named.


“It is unfortunate that policing resources must once again be expended, much of it on claims that have already been investigated. I will do my best to ensure this is the last time they can be resurrected, and that this is done as fairly and without bias as possible, to remove this unfair shadow over the men and women who serve, with distinction, the communities in Durham Region” he said.